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  • Krest Pintail Combs
  • With pointed rounded tip to easily part your hair.
  • One different teeth styles on each brush for maximum performance in fine or thick hair.
  • Extra-long 100% stainless steel pins.
  • The best rattail combs that are also great for hair weaving.
  • Perfect for every technique of hair weaving including  the Malaysian hair weaving technique and other.
  • Great for perfect foil fold and hair styling.
  • High-quality construction hair combs.
  • Model: XL long pins 4541 and 4530.
  • Made in the USA.

Krest Pintail Combs feature extra-long pins that eliminate foil "bunching" caused by shorter pins. Allows full fold to reach scalp for complete separation.

The stainless steel pins resist corrosion from chemicals.

The comb part is constructed of Nitrile rubber which offers superior strength and flexibility and is a much better alternative to cheap plastic.

Two different teeth styles for maximum performance in fine or thick hair. Also great for weaving. 100% Professional quality for combining proper rigidity and flexibility.

This are the same hair combs used by professionals in the US. and all over the world. It can be wet or dry sterilized with perfectly matched teeth to eliminate drag, splash or scratch.

Krest XL Pintail Weaving Combs