BROCATO - Click on the Cloud 9 products image to

to learn more about Brocato, a leading manufacturer

in the beauty industry.  Vibracolor Hair Color, 

Supersilk Smoothing, Vibrastrait, and the full range 

of Brocato products can be found at Carpi Beauty


LISAP- The World Of Lisap


LISAP - Click on the Lisap Ultimate Oil Plus image to

connect with one of Europes leading hair care

manufacturers.  Since 1952 Lisap has worked

hand in hand with some of the World's top hair

stylists and is now available across the World in

the finest hair salons.



DIFIABA - Discover the Difiaba Difference


Inspired by generations of Italian heritage, the hair

color experts DIFIABA Labs blend the charm and

elegance of Italy’s artisanal hand crafted formulas

with the latest in technology and style, DIFIABA

brings a class of products to today’s market that

are entirely their own.

Click on the Pro Heat Speed Shield Spray to

discover Difiaba.

Paul Brown Hawaii

Paul Brown Hawaii - A Tropical Experience

Manufactures professional hair and styling 

products used in salons Worldwide. A luxury

botanical line of products packed with ingredients 

found on the tropical islands of Hawaii. These 

ingredients come together in a fresh tropical 

experience which allows for a tropical escape 

with every usage. Experience the difference that

Hawaiian flora combined with the miracle of

kukui nut oil can have on your hair.  Contact us

to bring the Paul Brown Hawaii product line

to your salon today!



CRACK - Habit Forming Hair Care


It started with one tube. A perfect leave-in styling

creme with moisture enriching acai and wheat

protein for heat and humidity protection and

wxceptional frizz-control. Next we added a shampoo

and conditioner. In 2015 we launched the NEW

Crack Mist. Four products. Each one infused with

the original Crack formula. Hair care doesn't have

to be complicated or confusing. Cruelty free.

100% Vegan. For all hair types.


KASHMIR KERATIN - A revolutionary hair treatment.

This advanced technology of using keratin capsules

restores and restructures hair to provide the healthiest

and most luxurious looking hair possible. This

innovative and extensive line of products provides

remarkable results in the shortest amount of time.

Customers will be amazed at the efficiency of

Kashmir Keratin.



Style Peretto Kaarl

KAARAL- Introducing Kaaral! Passion Is At The

Heart Of Beauty! Immerse yourself in the World

of beauty using Kaaral. Brands include, Baco

Color, Maraes, Style Perfetto, Purify and more

exciting products tied together with the passion

for education and love for the professional stylist.


DANNYCO - Click on the Babyliss

Volare dryer image to access more information

on Canada's leading beauty manufacturers.  From

head to toe Dannyco's tools and equipment are

renowned for quality and performance.


DCM - Diapason  Cosmetics Milano - Design -

Metropolitan - Charme. DCM is an Italian company 

created to offer exclusive, quality solutions and 

services to hairstylists all over the World. Meeting 

their needs simply, safely and above all professionally

so they can make women really different and visibly

unique at work, home or at play.


ZOTOS - Click on the image to discover more

about the world Zotos products and texturizing

products including some of the world's best

selling perms.  

The Wet Brush -  household name in professional

salon hair brushes. Easily brush and detangle

your hair in a variety of colors and sizes Including

the Epic professional line of brushes which are

available for you visit our store locations to

see the latest collections.


BELVEDERE - Click on the shampoo lounge to access

an exciting variety of options available for the salon

and spa you have always dreamed about.  Made in

North America for the highest standards in quality.


WAHL - Click on the image to discover

more about the world of Wahl and why they are 

are a world leader in professional grooming 


OSTER - Click on the image to discover

more about Oster professional products. 

DIKSON - Click on the image to discover

more about Dikson professional products. 


FARMAVITA - Click on the image to discover

more about Farmavita  professional products. 

CLAIROL - Click on the image to discover

more about Clairol  professional products. 

ANDIS - Click on the image to discover

more about Andis  professional tools. 

GIGI - A trusted brand in depilatory waxing for

years Gigi continues to innovate in the body sector

of the beauty industry.  Click on the Gigi wax for

further details about Gigi products.

STUDEX - A world leader and dependable brand 

of earings and earpiercing accessories for the

professional beauty industry.  


BARBICIDE - When it comes to protecting your 

salon trust Barbicide a world leader in salon and 

spa or barbershop disinfectants.  Barbicide has a

long blue history of keeping everything safe and 



CLUBMAN - Carpi Beauty Supplies has roots 

from the Barber industry and Clubman to this

day remains a classic barber shop product.