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Design Freedom Acid

An acid perm that provides long-lasting natural body and strong, resilient curls.

Formulated with exclusive Zotosol conditioners which replenish and strengthen the hair for a healthy looking shine, a smooth feel and greater control. Containing the exclusive Pi-Complex waving lotion that protects the hair during processing by adding conditioners to the hair. These conditioners reflect light, which gives the hair a healthy shine and smooth luster. Also, AHA enriched neutralizer with GFE leverages natural grapefruit acids to lock in curl while providing both shine and manageability.

Choose natural processing for softer curl and style support while reducing cuticle swelling for virtually damage-free perming or dryer processing for firmer curls and extra body.

Design Freedom Acid is ideal for normal and tinted hair (up to 20 volume)

Zotos Design Freedom Acid Perm

SKU : 074469408189

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