Velecta Paramount TGR Tempo XXP Hair Dryer

TGR TEMPO XXP is a hot and powerful blow dryer. It cuts your drying time up to 30%.

From Velecta Paramount Paris, the TGR Tempo XXP hair dryer is well regarded as one of the best blow dryers ever made by many professionals. This is quite a statement to be made but the quality of this dryer has always stood behind it.

The TGR Tempo XXP hair dryer was previously known as TGR XP hair dryer.


    • AC 125V 60Hz 1875 watts
    • The Platinum Standard for Professional Blow Dryers
    • Distinctive handle comfortably fits right or left hand
    • Very powerful and professional longlife AC motor
    • 2 speed + 3 temperature settings (total 6 heat setting combinations), plus cool shot button
    • Compelling Airspeed: 75 mphLight Weight 540 g / 19 oz
    • Ergonomic handle design with switches well situatedWell-balanced
    • Extremely attractive
    • Snap on nozzle
    • Extra long 12 foot professional cord
    • One year warranty
    • Handcrafted in France

Velecta Paramount TGR Tempo XXP Hair Dryer