Lisap Straight Fluid  restructures your hair while protecting it from the heat. The ingredients are resistant to high temperatures guaranteeing extra smooth and ultra resistant results. Sooths the hair and fight frizz. Has built in anti-humidity protection. Created to maximize the hair structure making it safe to use ceramic straightening irons.

Lisap Topcare Ultimate Straight Fluid has a unique EXTRA benifit for you. get a TEMPORARY 'KERATIN TREATMENT' !

Revitalising spray restructures the hair and protects it from heat. It is formulated with ingredients that are extremely heat resistant, which strengthens and protects with hair when straightening.

Lisap Topcare Ultimate Straight Fluid can be used as an after treatment, it contains keratin, new generation silicon and cationic conditioners to guarantee exceptional hair protection and shine.

Restores the hair. Formulated with special ingredients that give maximum heat protection, enabling you to create perfectly smooth-straight styles. Reduces frizz, protects from humidity, leaving hair in optimal condition.

Directions: 1- Apply section by section then 2- let dry before using straightening irons 

Lisap Ultimate Straight Fluid