Unisystem Fluid Lisap 250ml & Range

Ultimate Smoothing Select Down
  • Straight Fluid It restores and strengthens the hair structure to create long lasting sleekness. Results are soft, shiny and beautifully conditioned hair that is in optimal condition for treatment with heated tools such as ceramic straighteners. Contains Kerasil Complex Format: 250 ml spray TAMING SHAMPOO ULTIMATE Lisap Ultimate Taming Shampoo is a specific treatment for straight and frizzy hair. When used before Lisap Ultimate Plus, it relaxes the hair fibre, giving it more volume and making it easier to comb. Thanks to the Kerasil Complex, Keratin and A2 Ceramide, it restructures and strengthens the hair, reducing waviness. Hair is left silky, under control and moisturised for longer. Format 1000ml & 250ml bottle MOISTURE RICH SMOOTHING MASK ULTIMATE Lisap Ultimate Plus Mask is a taming treatment that strengthens and detangles straight and frizzy hair, giving you fuller and smoother hair. The Kerasil Complex, with Keratin, Ceramide A2 and Macadamia Oil, strengthens and renews the hair structure, reducing frizz and making hair softer and more hydrated. Format: 250 ml Jar.