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Sharonelle Roll On Wax Honey 100ml RH-100
For use with Sharonelle Roll-On Wax Warmers

Roll-on waxing is very hygienic, practical, with no dripping, also economical and comfortable method of depilation applied at low temperature. Roll-on wax has high content in vitamins and minerals prevents skin irritation caused by waxing. Very gentle to the skin since it does not contain Paraffin, leaving no residue behind. Once finished, it can be easily disposed. One cartridge is good for up to four legs. This product is ideal for large areas like legs, back, chest and arms. When it comes to applying wax, no other system works quicker than the roll-on cartridge.

Roll On Wax Features

  • Easy and fast application
  • No dripping or sticky mess
  • No roller cleaning kit necessary

Sharonelle Roll On Wax Honey

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