How/When to Use:

Disinfectant wipes are the ideal item for daily use. Its unique formula provides a broad spectrum of applicable situations. Disinfectant wipes can help decrease the cross-contamination of bacterias and viruses.

  • Unscrew the entire lid from the canister and remove the protective seal from the canister.
  • Pull up a corner of the first wipe from the center fo the roll and push 1 inch through the hole in the lid. DO NOT PUSH FINGER THROUGH THE HOLE.
  • Replace lid tightly on the canister.
  • Lift the flip-top and pull out the wipes one at a time.
  • Document the date opened on the sticker that is provided.
  • Ensure lid remains closed between users to prevent moisture loss.

Minuteman Nex Gen Disinfectant Wipes 160 sheets

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