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Lisap Lisynet One Hair Spray Natural Hold Travel Size 

Lisap Lisynet One Hair Spray Natural Hold is a hair spray that is suitable for every hair type. The hair spray brings the hair perfectly into shape and ensures that the hair stays in model for a long time. The hair gets an ultimate firmness and still feels wonderfully soft. No model is too difficult for Lisapet One Hair Spray Natural Hold by Lisap. After using the spray, the hair gets a volume boost and looks radiant again.

Lisap Lisynet One Hair Spray Natural Hold:

  • Suitable for every hair type
  • Keep the hair in shape for a long time
  • Provides firm hair
  • The hair keeps feeling soft
  • Gives the hair a volume boost
  • For professional use


  • Bring the hair into the desired model
  • Spray the hair spray on dry or towel dry hair
  • Spread the spray well over the hair

Lisynet One travel size hairspray

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