Lisap Ultimate 2 Kit


Lisap ultimate is a straightening treatment for the hair. This treatment smoothes the hate and ensures that no frizz remains in the hair. Lisap Ultimate contains Kerasil Complex that provides a long lasting effect and grandiose smooth hair. Lisap ultimate is available in two different kits so that there is a suitable fit for every kind of hair.

Ultimate 1 - For natural hair
Ultimate 2 - For sensitive or colored hair

Lisap Ultimate 2 Kit:


      Zero Kroes effect

  • Kerasil Complex
  • Long-lasting smooth effect
  • For sensitive or colored hair


  • Test before use on a lock of hair before it is applied to the entire hair
  • Do not apply the product when the scalp is irritated
  • Rinse thoroughly after treatment

Lisap Ultimate 2 Kit