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Lisap Splasher Permanent Hair Colour

Lisap Splasher permanent hair colour can be used to intensify or adjust any colour, make strong long lasting colour effects, revive faded colours and also remove unwanted tones and colour overlaying.

Create almost any colour effect you want with ease. SPLASHER permanent hair colour.
Intensify or also adjust any colour make strong long lasting colour effects.
Revive faded colours. Remove unwanted tones and also colour overlaying.

Create Strong Colour Highlights. (for best results first decolour or adjust to the levels suggested below).
Splasher Blue & Violet, lighten to level 10-11
Splasher Yellow & Green, lighten to level 8-9

Splasher Red & Orange, lighten to level 5-7

Mix Splasher colour 1 to 1 with Splasher activator process for 20-30 mins.

Lisap Splasher Color