Lisap Man Thickening Shampoo


Lisap Man Thickening Shampoo Restores the natural vitality and also shine of normal hair Protects hair from external agents Antiageing formula Lisap Man Thickening Shampoo Restores natural vitality and shine to normal hair. Strengthens and protects the hair from external influences. Lisap Man Thickening Shampoo – Strengthening shampoo clean and also guarantees a mild effect on the scalp. It gives hair vitality, shine, strengthens hair follicles and also protects the hair structure from the impact of the external environment. The anti-aging effect – slowing down the aging hair. Specially designed for frequent washing. Suitable for delicate and also colored hair. It contains ginseng extract and also soy protein.

Lisap Man Thickening shampoo for normal hair 250ml