Lisap LK Fruit Non-Ammonia Hair Color


Lisap LK Fruit is a permanent non-ammonia hair dye that has been specially developed for people with sensitive hair. This cream coloring guarantees 100% gray coverage. The special formula of the hair dye is enriched with fruit oils that nourish and hydrate the hair. The product is ammonia-free. The cream coloring ensures that the paint stays in the hair for a long time. The product has a mixing ratio of 1: 1.5.

Lisap is an Italian family business. Since 1952 Lisap employees have been working on developing innovative products together with the real pros in the profession.

Lisap LK Fruit:

  • Permanent hair dye
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Enriched with fruit oils
  • Feeding
  • Hydrates
  • Ammonia free
  • Long-term result
  • Mixing ratio 1: 1.5

Lisap LK Fruit is available in a 100 ml tube in the following color nuances:

00/18 Ice silver

1/0 Black

1/01 Black-blue

2/0 Very dark brown

3/0 Dark brown

3/07 Dark Chocolate brown

3/85 Dark Violet Red-brown

4/0 Middle Brown

4/07 Middle Chocolate brown

4/3 Middle Golden Brown

4/58 Middle Red Violet Brown

4/80 Middle Intense Violet Brown

5/0 Light brown

5/07 Light Chocolate brown

5/2 Light Asbrown

5/3 Light golden brown

5/4 Light Mahogany brown

5/55 Deep Light Red-brown

6/0 Dark blond

6/07 Dark Chocolate Blonde

6/2 Dark Ash Blonde

6/3 Dark Golden Blonde

6/43 Dark Mahogany Golden Blonde

6/44 Dark Deep Mahogany Blonde

6/55 Dark Deep Red Blonde

6/6 Dark Copper Blonde

7/0 Middle blonde

7/07 Tobacco

7/2 Middle Ash Blonde

7/34 Middle Gold Mahogany Blonde

7/66 Middle Deep Copper Blonde

8/0 Light blond

8/07 Light Tobacco

8/2 Light Ash Blonde

8/3 Light golden blonde

9/0 Very Light Blond

9/07 Very Light Sand Blonde

9/2 Very Light Ash Blonde

9/3 Very Light Golden Blonde

10/0 Brightening Very Light Blond

10/17 Platinum Ice-cream

10/2 Brightening Very Light Ash Blonde

10/8 Brightening Very Light Violet Blond

11/00 Very Light Natural Ice Blonde

11/20 Very Light Ash Ice Blonde

Lisap LK Fruit Non-Ammonia Hair Color 100ml