Lisap LK Anti-Age Hair Color 100ml


Lisap LK Anti-Age is a permanent hair dye of Lisap with a very low ammonia content. This hair color guarantees 100% gray coverage. The mixing ratio of this product is 1: 1. We sell no less than 98 different colors of Lisap LK Anti-Age.

The hair dye is enriched with, among other things, coconut oil and phytoenhancer. These special ingredients ensure silky soft hair and a great shine. In addition, the paint adheres better to the hair compared to other hair dye.

Lisap is an Italian family business. Since 1952 Lisap employees have been working on developing innovative products together with the real pros in the profession.

Lisap LK Anti-Age:

  • Permanent hair dye
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Low ammonia content
  • Mixing ratio 1: 1
  • Enriched with coconut oil
  • Provides silky soft hair

Lisap LK Anti-Age is available in a 100 ml tube in the following color nuances:

00/1 Deep Blue

00/18 Deep Silver

00/2 Deep Axle

00/8 Deep Violet

1/0 Black

1/01 Black-blue

1/8 Black violet

2/0 Very dark brown

2/07 Very Dark Chocolate Brown

3/0 Dark brown

3/07 Dark Chocolate brown

3/85 Dark Violet Red-brown

4/0 Middle Brown

44/00 Deep Brown

4/07 Middle Chocolate brown

4/2 Middle Asbrown

4/40 Middle Intense Mahogany brown

4/48 Middle Mahonieviolet Brown

4/58 Middle Red Violet Brown

4/68 Indian Tea

4/80 Middle Intense Violet Brown

5/0 Light brown

55/00 Deep Light Brown

5/07 Light Chocolate brown

5/2 Light Asbrown

5/23 Cocoa

5/3 Light golden brown

5/4 Light Mahogany brown

5/5 Light Red-brown

5/50 Light Intense Red-brown

5/54 Light Red mahogany Brown

5/55 RV Vivid Light Red-brown

5/566 Light Deep Red Copper Blond

5/58 Light Red Violet Brown

5/88 VV Vivid Light Violet Brown

6/0 Dark blond

66/00 Deep Dark Blond

6/07 Dark Chocolate Blonde

6/2 Dark Ash Blonde

6/3 Dark Golden Blonde

6/4 Dark Mahogany blonde

6/44 Dark Deep Mahogany Blonde

6/46 Dark Mahogany Copper Blond

6/55 RV Vivid Dark Red Blonde

6/56 Dark Copper

6/566 Dark Deep Red copper Blond

6/6 Dark Copper Blonde

6/76 Curry

6/88 VV Vivid Dark Violet Blonde

7/0 Middle blonde

77/00 Deep Blond

7/07 Tobacco

7/2 Middle Ash Blonde

7/3 Middle Golden Blonde

7/36 Midden Goudkoper Blond

7/43 Middle Mahogany Golden Blonde

7/55 RV Vivid Redblonde

7/566 Middle Deep Red Copper Blond

7/58 Middle Red Violet Blond

7/6 Middle Copper Blonde

7/60 Middle Intense Copper Blonde

7/63 Middle Kopergoud Blond

7/65 Middle Copper Red Blond

7/66 Middle Deep Copper Blonde

7/67 Middle Copper Beige Blond

7/7 Middle Beigeblond

7/71 Nutmeg

7/72 Middle Beige Ash Blonde

7/78 Hazelnut

8/0 Light blond

88/00 Deep Light Blond

8/07 Light Tobacco

8/2 Light Ash Blonde

8/3 Light golden blonde

8/34 Cinnamon

8/36 Light Gold Copper Blond

8/55 Light Deep Red Blonde

8/63 Light Copper Gold Blond

8/66 Light Deep Copper Blonde

8/67 Light Copper Beige Blond

8/7 Light Beigeblond

8/72 Light Beige Ash Blonde

8/78 Light Hazelnut

9/0 Very Light Blond

99/00 Very Light Deep Blond
9/2 Very Light Ash Blonde

9/3 Very Light Golden Blonde

9/36 Very Light Gold Copper Blond

9/4 Very light Mahogany blonde

9/7 Very Light Beige Blonde

9/72 Very Light Beige-Ash Blond

9/73 Sesame

9/78 Very Light Hazelnut

9/8 Very Light Violet Blonde

10/0 Brightening Very Light Blond

10/2 Brightening Very Light Ash Blonde

10/3 Brightening Very Light Golden Blonde

10/7 Brightening Very Light Beige Blonde

10/8 Brightening Very Light Violet Blond

Lisap LK Anti-Age Hair Color 100ml