For thin and dull hair, there is now a professional treatment that can beautifully transform it ... the new addition to the Lisap Fashion range.

Lisap Fashion LIGHT (3 Selections)

Fashion Light (Select Below)
  • Fashion Light Mousse Strengthens and stabilises internally, creating volume and shine and improving the texture of fine and dry hair. 250ml Light Shampoo Gently cleanses to provide shine and volume at the roots without weighing down fine hair. 250ml & Liter Size RINSE TWICE For the following hair: - THIN - DULL - NORMAL, DULL Shampoo, rinse and towel dry. Apply mousse and rinse again. RINSE ONCE For the following hair: - POROUS - POROUS, DULL - NORMAL, TREATED Shampoo, rinse and towel dry. Apply mousse, comb through, leave in and style.