Lisap Douscolor Non Ammonia Semi-Permanent Hair Color 75ml Tube


Lisap Douscolor

Lisap Douscolor is a semi-permanent hair dye. The special formulation of the hair dye is ammonia-free and contains, among others, Céramide A2 and shea butter. These ingredients ensure that the hair gets a warm color for a long time. In addition, the hair is ultimately nourished and restored. The mixing ratio is 1: 2. Professionals recommend using the paint in combination with Lisap's Douscolor Activator.

Lisap is an Italian family business. Since 1952 Lisap employees have been working on developing innovative products together with the real pros in the profession.

Lisap Douscolor:

  • Semi-permanent hair dye
  • Ammonia free
  • Contains Céramide A2 and shea butter
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Feeding
  • Restores
  • Mixing ratio 1: 2
  • Use in combination with Lisap Douscolor Activator

Lisap Douscolor is available in a 75 ml tube in the following color nuances:

Regulator Mix Gloss

1/0 Black

1/01 Black-blue

1/8 Black violet

2/0 Very Dark Brown

3/0 Dark Brown

3/85 Dark Violet Red Brown

4/0 Middle Brown

4/077 Natural Medium Sand brown

4/4 Middle Mahogany brown

4/48 Middle Mahonieviolet Brown

4/54 Middle Red Mahogany Brown

5/0 Light Brown

5/03 Natural Light Golden Brown

5/077 Natural Light Sand brown

5/3 Light golden brown

5/55 Light Deep Red-brown

6/0 Dark Blond

6/03 Natural Dark Golden Blonde

6/077 Natural Dark Sand Blonde

6/3 Dark Golden Blonde

6/63 Dark Copper Gold Blond

7/0 Middle Blond

7/07 Tobacco

7/33 Middle Deep Gold Blonde

8/0 Light Blond

8/07 Light Tobacco

9/0 Very Light Blond

9/2 Very Light Ash Blonde

9/3 Very Light Golden Blonde

9/7 Very Light Beige Blonde

9/8 Very Light Pearl Blonde

Lisap Douscolor Semi-Permanent Hair Color 75ml