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Kashmir Keratin Enriched Conditioner Sulfate Paraben Free

Moisture secreted by the scalp is not sufficient to reach and cover all of your hair, and therefore it becomes dry,specially at the ends.
Hair conditioners reduce static electricity, help style hair, and most importantly - provide protection and prevent damage.

Conditioner by Kashmir Keratin was formulated for hair that was straightened, using any one of the methods, and for hair that is frequently styled at high temperatures (blow dryer or ceramic straightener.
The conditioner is especially suited for damaged hair: it helps build and restore the hair's structure, restore its flexibility, and give it renewed sheen and softness.
The conditioner protects the results of the straightening and damaged hair using a double formula of Keratin with enriched amino acids that renew the interior of the hair and create an external protective layer that encloses the hair and smooths its entire length.
Preserves the effects of hair straightening 3 times longer enriched with amino acids that reinforce the Keratin's effect, and strengthens the hair's resistance to breakage, heat damage and chemicals. Salt free - the formula does not contain sodium chloride, so that it prolongs the effects of hair straightening, and improves the hair's flexibility and softness after every use.

Kashmir Keratin Enriched Conditioner

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