Kashmir Keratin Deep Absolute Repair Shampoo or Conditioner Available Sizes 236ml & 473ml 

Kashmir Deep Repair Shampoo Or Conditioner

Kashmir Deep Sh & Cond Sizes
  • Kashmir Keratin Deep Shampoo Kashmir Keratin Deep Shampoo thoroughly treats and repairs hair, coating each hair shaft with keratin deep into hair roots. Ideal for oily hair, this shampoo keeps hair moisturized while eliminating excess oil to keep hair looking clean, shiny and voluminous. Enriches hair with keratin Sulphate and Paraben Free Travels deep into hair root to restructure and restore Deep Keratin Conditioner, by "Kashmir Keratin" is formulated for hair that is frequently styled at high temperatures. This conditioner is especially suited for damaged hair. It helps build and restore the hairs structure, restore its flexibility , and give it renewed sheen and softness.