Difiaba Deco Paste White Decolorizing Paste:
■ On & off the scalp applications
■ Color correction capabilities
■ Lifts 6 levels and beyond
■ All-over process
■ Intensified Conditioning
■ Protects & adds shines
■ Zero-Dust formula
■ Non-Drying & Non-Swelling

Acai Oil - Protects and adds shine
Argan Oil - Conditions while lifting

How to use:

  • Manipulate package to blend nutrients
  • Squeeze quantity into a non-metallic bowl
  • Add double quantity of developer
  • Mix to creamy consistency
  • Apply where needed
  • Process time according to developer.

Difiaba Deco Paste White Decolorizing Paste 250g/8.8oz