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Babyliss Ceramic Hot Air Styler 

The ceramic technology of the hot air styler promotes even, high heat along the entire barrel for faster, gentler styling without damaging the hair.  Ceramic emits negative ions and far infrared heat that dry the hair from the inside, seal the cuticle while preserving moisture.

Professional Features of the Babyliss Hot Air Styler  

  • Smooth non-stick ceramic barrel 
  • Multiple air vents allow the hot air to circulate for faster drying
  • Soft nylon bristles for added comfort
  • Three position switch (high/low/off)
  • Ergonomic soft touch handle
  • Cool tip
  • Available sizes 3/4", 1", 1/14"

BabylissPRO Ceramic Hot Air Styler

SKU : 074108306029

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