Styling & Finishing FASHION By Lisap

2-LISAP FASHION Styling Products

Fashion By Lisap Part 2
  • Volumizer – Liquid Fashion Provides maximum volume, with a healthy and glossy appearance. It energizes and reinforces weakened hair, creating bounce and movement. 200ml Silky Feel – Drops Fashion It repairs, reconstructs and protects the cuticle. It prevents the formation of Split Ends, eliminates frizz and leaves the hair with a soft feel & silky texture. 50ml Straightener – Cream Fashion For supreme heat protection when using heated irons &/or blow dryers & to eliminates Frizz. Ideal when creating smooth or wavy styles, it moisturizes the hair and it gives a high gloss effect. 75ml Illumination – Cream Fashion It moisturizes treated and tinted hair, reduces frizz, it enhances colour intensity, it creates shine & gloss 75ml Thickener – Liquid Fashion A special thickener for fine, delicate and unruly hair; it transforms thin and fragile hair into thick, strong hair, from the first application 125 ml. Gloss Shine – Spray Fashion Leaves hair soft and light, with a high gloss effect; protects colour from UV radiation 250 ml Mousse Design Regular Fashion Ensures long-lasting hold and leaves the hair soft, shiny and protected from heat damage. The components of the mousse repair and strengthen the hair fibres and provide volume. It is the ideal product to choose when creating a shiny, stylish and long lasting look. Ideal for any length of sensitized hair, repairing and volumizing. 250 ml can.